Surveillance CCTV

From Analogue to IP HD CCTV, regardless of project size we have the right solution for you. FORTECH provides a complete range of Camera solution for all industries need. We are expertise in selection the best cabling solution, industrial networking, power supply and surge arrest solution for all extreme solutions. Our team is expert in designing big IP CCTV network with video analytic sure and perimeter protection and car plate recognition.

All Cameras and equipment provided are of industrial grades to ensure maximum reliability and security needs. Partnering with various state-of-the-arts Video Management Manufacturer, we bring CCTV solution to the next higher level.

Public Address

Building communications is critical for any Emergency needs. FORTECH provide a complete range of PA system for any building needs. From Speaker to controller and cabling to interface with third parties solution, we have complete range of solution for your building needs. All Equipment provided complies with local Fire Code and European standards.

Professional sound

Excellence sound for your function room, event hall or mobile sound solution? We have the right solution for you. Fortech provides a wide range of professional sound system design for your needs. The team is expertise in design, implementation and sound tuning for your premises.

Fortech provides full service from assembling the sound solution in mobile flight case, and maintenance services. The Professional grade sound solution we provide ensures the best sound is always delivered.

Access Control

Securing your critical asset, granting or denying access is the main function of an access control system. Taking into account of different requirements for different building types and situations, Fortech offer a wide range of Card Access solution for small business to big cooperate user. The card Access solution we provide offer an extensive of flexibility for customized programming, able to support a wide range of readers technologies and interfaces with third party systems.

We provide consultancy for system design, selection of readers, lockset and customized to your requirement.

Industrial networking and Fiber solution

Industrial Ethernet has become a proven and established solution in CCTV.  It is consistent, fast, and extremely flexible and reliable in any extreme environment. FORTECH provides a complete networking and Fiber solution to transmit critical information back to your security room. With our wide range of networking products and solutions, we are able to meet any customer demands and provide the most reliable networking for any situation.

Customized solutions and consultancy services

Having one PC (Single GUI) to access to your Card access Log, CCTV, intercom transaction and programmable sequence of event across multiple platforms is what we term it as integrated solution. FORTECH is experience in designing and provide a complete customized solution for your organization needs.  From system programing to specially design floor plan, our team have a wide range of expertise to meet any market demands.