Oil and Gas sector

The marine, oil & gas industry is a fast-moving industry with high risks involved. Every component use has to be in highest quality with certification to ensure maximum safety and eliminate the threat to public safety.

Forward Technologies (FORTECH) offers a complete range of Security and Communication solution for your high value assets. From explosion-protected cameras and readers to intelligent control room software, industrial media convertor down to every ATEX connectors, we have the right solution for you. All components are carefully selected and designed to increase the operator situational awareness and to detect incidents before they escalate.




Solution Fortech provides

Fortech has partnership with various industries manufacturer which has extensive experience and products design for any hazardous requirement.

The following are our range of solutions

  • Explosion Protected Cameras to monitor all hazardous areas, drilling rigs, winches, helidecks and loading docks etc.
  • Industrial fiber-optic and network equipment to transmit footage over vast distances.
  • Video analytic for Automate the surveillance of unmanned platforms and substations.
  • Card Access System with ATEX readers, to monitor and control staff access.
  • Industrial power supply and component for any installation.
  • Intercom Solution for your communication needs.
  • Public address for any critical broadcasting.


Under the tough environment condition, you want everything to be reliable. All the products provided carry all relevant ATEX, UL, IECEx certifications. Every component selected yield high MTBF and design to function under wide temperature range.